Check valves

  • working pressure up to 500 bars
  • many different thread and plug-in versions, as well shuttle-valves and piloted valves
  • opening pressure selectable 0,1 – 8 bar
  • steel hardened, stainless steel on request
  • soft or metallic seated

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Survey check valves 199kB
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Test couplings and hoses

  • for pressure monitoring, venting and sampling of hydraulic systems
  • test hoses with arbitrary combination of connection types
  • glycerine pressure gauge NG63

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Air/oil coolers and thermostats

  • very compact design
  • flow range from < 1 l/min up to 50 l/min
  • multi-passage design, especially for small flow rates
  • fans 12VDC, 24VDC, 115VAC, 230VAC
  • thermostats in several designs, suitable for the coolers

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Air/oil coolers 640kB
Thermostats 266kB

Magnet tester

  • for testing solenoid valves, suitable for all voltages AC and DC
  • essential tool for all kinds of services
  • can also be used as torch

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Magnettester 77kB

Hydraulic accumulator safety block

  • for the protection and relief of hydraulic systems with accumulators
  • TÜV-inspected pressure control valve available
HSB 295kB


  • common orifices
  • orifices with included edge filters
  • in several thread sizes and types

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Orifices 372kB

Throttle and throttle check valve

  • throttle valves for line mounting
  • throtteling by an annular gap or an eroded slot
  • several thread sizes
  • brass body up to 210 bar operating pressure
  • steel body up to 400 bar operating pressure

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EVN 385kB
EVNS 277kB
EFC 293kB
EFCS 273kB

Hydraulic fittings

  • cutting ring fittings
  • reducing adaptors
  • screw plugs

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