Current-stabilized control units

  • enclosure design and EU plug-in card
  • suitable for solenoids up to 24V
  • current-stabilized output
  • magnetic current with superimposed square-wave signal
  • adjustable frequency and amplitude
  • minimum and maximum flow limitation
  • soft switching function optional
  • adjustable ramp functions

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General purposes control units 191kB
SA 192kB
EA 309kB
EX5000 407kB
EX5001 354kB

Digital amplifier module

  • to amplifie 1 or 2 proportional solenoids
  • Interfaces: analogue, CANopen, Profibus, HART
  • max. 4 analogue differential inputs
  • max. 8 digital inputs
  • several adjusting possibilities via USB connection
  • for snapping on to dome rail
  • also available as controller module

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