Automatic assembly machine for wardrobe system

  • fully automatic assembly of clothes hooks on wardrobe rails
  • the clothes hooks are singled, glued and pressed on the rail
  • after inserting the necessary components, the assembly process is fully automatic
  • the finished wardrobe can be unloaded after completion of the assembly

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Automatic tester for small motor armature

  • integrated into a fully automatic production line
  • the rotors are taken from the conveyor belt
  • a high-voltage test is carried out
  • the windings and contact plates are checked
  • faultless rotors are placed back on the conveyor belt, the others are sorted out

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Tube fitting machine

  • fits two lock fittings into a silicone tube
  • after manual loading the device automatically presses the fittings in the tube
  • high positioning accuracy
  • incl. cutter for exact cutting to length of the fully assembled hose
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Embossing machine

  • provides shafts with lengthwise embossement
  • fully automatic process: supply the shafts from a reservoir, stamping and dispense the finished shafts again in a container
  • hydraulic press unit with a force of 60 kN
  • could also be produced as an electric servo press

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