Electrical pressure tester

  • An electrical drive pushes a piston into a cylinder and in this way applies the pressure directly to the test medium, as a consequence only one pressure circuit is required.
  • Electrical cylinders with a roller screw and integrated servomotor or short stroke actuators, also driven with servomotors, can be used for the drive.
  • The pressure regulation is programmed in the servo controller and runs in a fast 500µs task, the servo controller also has PLC functionality and therefore undertakes all control functions for the entire unit.
Electrical pressure tester 300 bar 260kB
Electrical pressure tester 650 bar 201kB

Manual pressure tester up to 10‘000 bar

  • the piston is pushed into the cylinder by a threaded spindle and generates in this way a pressure
  • manual design
  • pressure bar with position indicator
  • with protective cover
  • mecanical overpressure protection
Manual pressure tester 101kB

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