Hydraulic power units and systems

Tailored for your application, we provide hydraulic power units and systems including electrical control in a very compact design, with energy-efficient drive, or whatever you want. As well for small series or even for single pieces, you are every time welcome.

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Hydraulic valves

For requirements of all kinds, such as explosive atmosphere, sea water environment, low-viscosity media and much more, we develop proportional valves, directional valves, pressure valves, etc. As well for small series or individual production, you are every time welcome.
We have also a big range of standard valves.

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Pressure test units, High pressure hydraulics

Highly dynamic, with electric servo drive, or manually, for all requirements we develop the right design. With water and other non-lubricating media we know our way and put this under pressure up to 10’000 bars.

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Production aids, machines

We develop ergonomic equipment to make heavy, difficult or tedious tasks easier. Such devices not only save time, but also aid motivation, as tedious work is suddenly very easy. Whether mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical, we offer you the design that is optimal for you.

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We develop and produce customized devices and systems, not only with hydraulic but also with electrical and pneumatic solutions.

While you can concentrate on your core competence, we take care of your production tools and special equipment from the initial idea to maintenance:

  • Idea / Engineering
  • Calculation
  • Construction
  • Production / Assembly
  • Prototype
  • Series production
  • Service / Maintenance

In our development and construction, we use the powerful 3D CAD SolidWorks. Thus, the plants can be built already in the development phase to the last detail and adapted to the requirements.

Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic scheme we create with an object-oriented CAE system so the components are linked in all schematics.

Overhauls and Repairs

We overhaul and repair old machines or equip them with a new controller if necessary.
Old machines are mostly of very robust design and can be re-equipped for the future by replacing roller bearings, seals and wearing parts.
In the majority of cases the performance can be increased and re-tooling times reduced using a new controller.

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